Our favorite movie: Matrix part one.
Our favorite scene: the last one
when the bullets were stopped in the air
and Neo.finally begins defeating his enemies
fighting without looking at them
as if he was meditating.

Smith #11

  If you raise a Cuban in Texas,
something like Ted Cruz. will probably come out.
He already feels raptured by God very far from all liberal thought and very far from the common sense.

Smith #12

  The Spanish citizen, Alvaro Lopez Tardon, has been sentenced in Miami to no less than 150 years in prison. He was wanted in his country as the most bloodthirsty drug dealer; however, in a luxurious South Beach apartment he had found refuge
surrounded by Bugattis and Ferraris.

The Agents

 The American Empire is run from the offices
of the Federal Reserve.
Alan Greenspan,taught his bureaucrats very well
how to bend the hardest knees,
just by pressing a few buttons.
...TINA!!..."there is not alternative!"
No matter what ...you will end up feeding the beast!.

Smith #9

 When the succession happened, some placed their hopes on him, others did not. Something has moved in Havana in recent years but the facts prove that for Raul Castro the long-awaited reforms should never supplant the Revolution.

Smith #10

   There is something attractive about characters like John Lennon.it's something like passion mixed with spirituality.It is the smell of pleasure. ..Some types of beauty just hides violence and emptiness.


 Dr. Cornel West is an unavoidable figure whether we speak from deep philosophical ideas or from the point of view of the American radical left .As expected, he is very involved in all the fights surrounding Black People and at same time we could find him too in unexpected settings such as a theology studies or performing a role in the Matrix famous trilogy.

Smith #7

 Some people can now live out their favorite conspiracy theories in real time.
Some others can have now their trade war with China.
Mitch McConnell has his cheap judges.

Smith #8

 On January 1, 1959, Fidel Castro took control of power in Cuba and implanted a dictatorial system that has remained intact for more than 60 years. Half a century is more than enough to prove an accomplished historical fact.

The Oracle

 The Google algorithm does not respect your privacy
and it was not by accident.
The original objective of its founders was precisely that:
to make an all-encompassing catalog of this virtual world that takes place on the web.
It is a new paradigm for the 21st century. Some will never understand these new attacks on "individuals".

Smith #5

  It is very easy to be a Senator in the state of Florida. Nobody questions your actions. ... and Marco Rubio knows it,which is why he was in a hurry to absolve Trump during Impeachment knowing that he was going to continue walking calmly down 8th Street as if nothing had happened.

Smith #6

  Product of a fusion between disruptive corporate culture of Silicon Valley and the borderline libertarian philosophy of its founder Travis Kalanick, Uber Technologies,Inc has been lately serving as a source of employment for an entire army of independent drivers.

The Machines

 The American journalist Joe Scarborough is a typical representative of liberal thought,although in this case we are talking about liberalism in a nineteenth-century sense.
Unlike other Republicans,
he did know very well how to clearly place himself on the only right side of history:
as a Never Trumper.

Smith #3

   A soft, aristocratic conservatism, of Burkean heritage, is what the cuban journalist Ricardo Brown. transmits to us subliminally.It is The Carrot and Stick Theory The Silent Majority. Anything is possible, as long as Les R├ępublicains remain at the gates of Paris.

Smith #4

   In the culture war against wokism George Soros acts as the bogyman of all conspiracy theories of the right.This is one of the most useless battles.There is not point.Gossip is its foundation.


     The Duchess of Cambridge dominates very well the covers of Vanity Fair. Just by following the seemingly chaotic cycle of photos, we will always be aware of how to dress for that special night or which will be the right age to bring our children to Disney.

Smith #2

  Donald Trump is the most popular person at backyard barbecue parties either inside Philly borders or Dallas suburbs! After the third Budweiser he is declared president by large majorities.
Welcome the hatred and the stupidity! Welcome to the end of American Democracy!

The Matrix

  It will be necessary to explain to the new generations
that the so-called America's Mayor
is the same person who, sweating hair dye, was trying to carry out a coup on behalf of the 45's us president.
It won't be easy but XI JINPING deserve it.

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Smith #1

   In the new political cycle that has just begun,Tucker Carlson is the person in charge for pushing the "american dream" of creating a full-blown Absolute Monarchy rigth here in America.
Good Luck with that...boy !! .

The American Calendar vs The Matrix Resurrections...!!!